An earthen berm composed of river deposits currently extends from the Robles Diversion Facility to approximately 4,200 feet downstream near the community of Meiners Oaks. While this non-engineered berm provides limited flood protection to rural residential properties in low-lying areas of the floodplain, it is not expected to withstand a 100-year flood (one percent chance) nor does it meet FEMA certification requirements.

Intermediate design plans for a new Meiners Oaks levee are part of current planning efforts funded by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife; and final design plans supported by Wildlife Conservation Board grant funds will address existing flood risks as well as increased flood risks associated with the removal of Matilija Dam. The new levee system will meet FEMA requirements under post-dam removal conditions, and will extend from the Robles facility to a new terminus not more than 0.9 miles downstream (though details may vary depending on the design alternatives developed for Robles).