15.6 miles from the ocean
Ventura County Public Works Agency – Watershed Protection  (VCPWA-WP)
Date Constructed
Water supply and flood control
Pre-construction estimated cost
Actual construction cost
~$4 million
Constructed height
198 feet (1,125 elevation)
Current height
168 feet (1,095 elevation) (notched in 1965, 1977)
620 feet
8 feet at crest, 35 feet at base
Reservoir Capacity: Design
7,018 acre feet
Reservoir Capacity: After notching
3,800 acre feet (excluding sedimentation losses)
Reservoir Capacity: Current
Less than 100 acre feet by mid-2020 due to ongoing sedimentation losses
Reservoir Capacity: Projected
Zero capacity before 2030
Original Reservoir Area
126.8 acres
Drainage area of Matilija Creek above dam site
55 square miles
Original Spillway Capacity
60,000 cubic feet per second at water elevation 1,137 feet