The MDERP is currently the focus of a major 2017 design planning grant from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) to update technical studies, design and acquisition plans, and California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) compliance to account for revised sediment management plans, updated hydrology, and other significant changes to the Project since 2004. Agendas and presentations for the Project’s February 2020 and October 2020 Community and Stakeholder Updates are available at the Ventura River Watershed Council’s Past Meetings archive.

Concurrent with these efforts, an implementation grant to replace the Santa Ana Boulevard Bridge was awarded by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife in 2019, with construction slated to commence in April 2021. A 2020 design planning grant from the state Wildlife Conservation Board will support the completion of final design plans for Matilija Dam removal and for improved flood protection for three downstream communities. And a proposal to advance design planning for the new (replacement) Camino Cielo Bridge was approved by the State Coastal Conservancy Board at their March 2021 meeting.

A June 2020 proposal to the Federal Emergency Management Agency through the California Division of Dam Safety to advance design planning work focused on orifice construction at the base of Matilija Dam received a provisional award notification in October 2020. And Regional Conservation Partnership Program proposal for planning, design and implementation assistance focused on the Robles Diversion Facility was submitted to the Natural Resources Conservation Service in November 2020, with award announcements anticipated by April 2021. For additional information on these and related efforts, please see Grants and Requests.

Finally, a Subsequent Environmental Impact (SEIR) report focused on Matilija Dam removal is currently under development, with a Draft SEIR anticipated for public release by mid-2021. For more information, please see Ongoing CEQA Updates on the Environmental Compliance page.