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Reports, Reference Materials & Brochures

Historical Resources Assessment Matilija Hot Springs (2012)
Long Range Adaptive Management Plan (September 2010)
Vegetation Monitoring Report (December 2009)
Matilija Dam Giant Reed Removal Plan (June 2007)
Matilija Dam Giant Reed Removal Water Quality Monitoring Plan (June 2007)
California Red-Legged Frog Survey Report and Relocation Plan (June 2007)
Process schedule (2006-2012)

Proposition 40 Application (June 2006)

Main Document Full Proposal Application Form
Attachment A Project Description - Part 1
  Project Description - Part 2
  Project Description - Part 3
  Project Description - Part 4
  Project Description - Part 5
Attachment B Team Administration
Attachment C Stakeholder Involvement Coordination
Attachment D Funding Match
Attachment E Cost Estimate Budget - Part 1
  Cost Estimate Budget - Part 2
  Cost Estimate Budget - Part 3
Attachment F Schedule - Part 1
  Schedule - Part 2
Attachment G Scope Grant Agreement
Attachment H Environmental Justice
Attachment I Education and Outreach
Attachment J Implementation Supplemental - Part 1
  Implementation Supplemental - Part 2
Attachment K IWMP Program Spec.
Attachment L Application Completeness Checklist
Attachment N Exhibit I
Attachment Q Environmental Clearance

Project Management Plan (June 2005)
Matilija Dam Water Quality Monitoring Project (December 2005)
Final Feasibility Report (September 2004)

Main Report Main Cover
  Table of Contents
  Executive Summary
Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Baseline
Chapter 3 Plan Formulation
Chapter 4 Recommended Plan
Chapter 5 Plan Implementation
Chapter 6 Public Coordination
Chapter 7 Conclusions
Chapter 8 Recommendations
Chapter 9 References
Final EIS/EIR Report
  Errata - Cover
  Changes to Draft EIS/EIR
  Comments to Draft EIS/EIR
  Response to Comments
  Errata - Appendix B
  Notice of Determination
  Findings and Statement of Facts
  Board of Supervisors Meeting - Agenda
  Board of Supervisors Meeting - Letter
  Board of Supervisors Meeting - Speaker Cards
  Board of Supervisors Meeting - Resolution
  Board of Supervisors Meeting - Minutes
  Record of Decision
Draft EIS/EIR Report
  Technical Appendices
Technical Appendices Cover
Appendix A Final Design
Appendix B Structural Evaluation
Appendix C Geotech
  Soils Classifications
  Methane Gas Testing
  Field Investigation Report
Appendix D Cover
  Bureau of Reclamation Analysis
  Letter-sized Flood Maps - please contact the VCWPD
Appendix E Economics
Appendix F Cost Estimates
Appendix G Real Estate Plan

National Fish Wildlife Found Dam Removal Demonstration Final Report (2001)
Fall 2005
February 2005
June 2004
February 2004